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Saltworks and salt museum
 39110 Salins-les-Bains

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Saltworks and salt museum

A UNESCO world heritage site
The town of Salins prospered over a thousand-year period by drawing brine springs and extracting the salt which it stocked and sold. In the Middle Ages, about 800 workers, carriers, woodcutters, coopers and blacksmiths worked at the saltworks. In the late 18th century, another saltworks was decided on due to the difficult and costly task of getting wood in Salins, and the architect, Claude-Nicoals Ledoux was commissioned with the job. The brine from Salins was then channelled through a saumoduc, or sytem of hollowed-out logs, 15 km long, to the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans.

Today, the Saltworks in Salins-Les-Bains is a vivid reminder of this thousand-year-old history. The trip through the monumental underground galleries is a thrilling experience. There, beneath the medieval vaults, the pump activated by the turbine blade wheel still draws brine from the rock-salt bed situated less than 246 m below. The 45,000-litre salt pans where the saltwater was evapored (300 g salt/litre) remain as well.

A new space, the Salt museum, shows an exhibit presenting both the history and working life of men in salt-related trades.
Moreover, the link between the Royal Saltwork of Arc-et-Senans and the Saltwork in Salins-Les-Bains is explicated.

Recognized today, alongside the Royal Saltwork of Arc-et-Senans as a part of the heritage of all humanity, the saltwork of Salins-les-Bains constitute a unique testimony to the ''ignigenous'' production of salt, better known as ''fire-source'' production, that is to say ''produced via a source of heat''.
Grande saline, musée du Sel
Place des Salines
Tel. 00 33 (0)3 84 73 01 34
Opening times
  • Everyday.
  • Guided tour in english from july, 1st to september 16th : every day at 12.15
Nearby places to visit
  • Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans,
  • Arbois and the Wine Road.
Entrance fees
GROUP, from 20 people
  • Adult : 5.50 Eur
  • Person with a disability: 3,50 Eur
  • High school student and student : 4 Eur
  • Child (under 15) : 3.50 Eur
  • Child (under 15) with educational workshop : 4 Eur
  • 1 free per 10 children

Reservation required by phone 03 84 73 10 92 or email: or

  • Adult : 7 Eur
  • Concessions : 6 Eur
  • Students, children 12 to 18, disabled, unemployed : 4 Eur
  • Children 6 to 12 years : 3.50 Eur
  • Under 6 years : free
  • Salt Museum only : 4 Eur
  • Museum of the salt only (disabled, children ages 6-18, students, unemployed) : 2.50 Eur