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Bost museum and tooling
 25820 Laissey
Musée Bost

Bost museum and tooling

The cat as a symbol, the clamp as a showcase
Between Besançon and Baume-les-Dames, the Bost Museum and tooling traces the history of the Bost company present in the Doubs valley for 125 years.

The Doubs valley offers ideal conditions for the development of metallurgical activities, with the proximity of the river and the presence of iron mines.
Created By Elisée Bost, the seventh in a family of 10 boys, the Bost company passes through the twentieth century, between technological progress and historical and economic turmoil.

At the end of the twentieth century, Bost company is among the top five producers of pliers and tongs. Today under the name Bost Garnache-industries, it is a subsidiary of Stanley Black and Decker group and employs one hundred employees.

The association « The cat of Laissey »

Emblem of the Bost factory, the cat has marked all the valley: the Bost family has employed up to 300 people and did not hesitate to organize life outside the factory, such as building housing estates.
To preserve the industrial heritage of the village and the Bost factory, the association «  The cat of Laissey » was created in 2008. It opened Bost Museum and tooling to tell the story of a company which has made success of the valley. 

Musée Bost et de l'outillage
42 Grande rue - 25820 Laissey
00 33- 0(3)81 84 26 42
Opening times

Guided tour by appointment at 03 81 84 26 42.
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